Teenagers, Selfie or Selfless

I have a teenage daughter, Ella. She is beautiful on the inside and out. I had her when I was 22 and raised her alone untill I meet my husband 8 years later.  She probably gave me the greatest gift I could ever receive, unconditional love.  Having her also taught me how to give unconditional love.  Two things that have turned my world on it’s head and gave me something to truly live for.

Don’t get me wrong, she is a teenager. She drives me nuts.  She sweeps the floor with one hand on the brush whilst looking in the mirror.

“Use TWO hands, the floor is still a mess, GRRR!!!!”

She picks up unusual habits if she is trying to learn something new, like the cup song!?! ( Tapping and banging cups, whilst singing), or learning to shuffle.  She then walks around the house banging or tapping or moving her legs in crazy ways.

“STOP banging on the tables and walk normally, GRRR!?”

She drops things, and breaks things and knocks things over,  my husband says she has the grace of a newborn baby elephant.

And then there is those stupid selfie poses, don’t get me started on the selfie pose…..ridiculous

She does however send me to bed for a nap and bring up a cup of tea if she thinks I need a rest.  She tidies up the smallies toys and folds the laundry.  She puts nice songs on my phone for me to listen to, I couldn’t possibly figure that one out myself.  And last week she brought me out for lunch as she had some birthday money left and wanted to treat me.

We went to the local coffee shop with the yummy baked potatoes and  chocolatey cakes.  We had selected what we wanted and she was waiting to be served, when a group of women bustled past her and skipped the queue.  I was looking for a table and didn’t know if she had ordered or not.  The women didn’t realise I was with her and all sat down after ordering.

I called out to her, so that the women could hear.

“Have you ordered yet, Love”.

She hadn’t ordered and was still waiting as their coffees were being made.  I was furious.  They totally pushed by her, ignored her and got their order in first.  When she finally sat down I was fuming. “Did you see what they just did?”.  I could tell by her that she didn’t want a fuss and was trying to play it down so I wouldn’t make a scene.

When the food arrives she mumbled to me,

“They are teachers from my school.”

The penny dropped, they did see her, but she is at the bottom of the food chain in school, a first year.  I am sure if I was standing at the counter it would have been different.  I also would have been able to say to them that I was waiting to order.

It made me think about teenagers and how we view them.  The really do seem to get a bad reputation.  They are not just all about selfies and celebrities.  Some 14 year olds even bring their mom out to lunch.

In just the last two weeks I came across four stories of teenagers saving lives.

Teenage girl saves man from a bridge

Teenage boy talks man down from a bridge

Teenager saves woman from kidnaping

Teenager saves man having a heart attack

That’s a lot of good going on and a lot of lives being saved.  I am going to have to start looking at teenagers differently.  There is so much going on in their heads and they are full of so much poential.  A little smile or word of encouragment can go along way to untap all that love they have inside them.

Wait till I see those teachers in September, GRRR!!!

Olivia x

Teenagers, Selfie or Selfless

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